SMS Websites to Help You Text Online

Technology has significantly improved the way humans communicate today. Some people love talking on the phone, and some people love chatting via text messages. Texting is considered to be one of the most preferred forms of communication in today’s world, as it offers discretion to users. Some telecom companies charge high for sending text messages, so we have brought you some of the best websites to help you send text messages for free without a phone number. You can send as many messages as you want using these websites. Now is the time to have a look at the best SMS websites to help you send SMS.


SendSMSNow is a great website that you can use to send text messages anywhere, anytime. The messages received through the site will show up on a folder on the site. Do you want to send text messages to your friends and family members using the site? If yes, visit the site, fill in all the details required, and get started. You can send as many messages as you want. Each message can contain only 130 characters. You can share pictures with anyone using SendSMSNow. It is one of the best websites to help you send text messages.


txtDrop is a popular website on the list. txtDrop has been offering the service to its users since 2013 and is still working to enhance the user experience by understanding the users’ needs. More than 20 million messages have been delivered using the service in the past years. You can send a text message to anyone instantly in just a few seconds with the help of txtDrop. It lets users send text messages from their desktop without the need to log in. txtDrop is functional only in the US and Canada. It is an effective SMS website mentioned on the list.


Now is the time to have a look at an excellent SMS website that lets you send text messages all around the world. Text’em has a 155-character limit that lets you say anything on your mind. The platform is functional in several countries and works really great. Sadly, it does not allow sending multiple messages at once. The service is really good and worth trying out.


Way2SMS is a popular messaging platform that is the choice of millions all around the globe. It got popular in 2017 when telecom companies charged high for sending messages. Millions of people took to this fantastic messaging platform in 2017 to send text messages. Way2SMS is functional in almost 125 countries. Sending text messages to friends, family members through the service saves your money that telecom companies charge for sending a message. It is not just limited to this much. In addition to it, you can schedule a text message to be sent at the scheduled time. The more you say about it, the less it is. Way2SMS is one of the most excellent messaging platforms. Try it out to know how useful it is.

Send Anonymous SMS

People often look for websites that allow them to send messages without revealing their identity. If you are one of those who want to send an SMS to a friend without revealing your number or any details, this amazing website can be of great use to you. You can surprise your friends and play a prank on them by sending them a text message through an anonymous number. It has a 145-character limit that is enough to share your thoughts. More than millions of messages are sent using the messaging platform every day. Send Anonymous SMS is a fab messaging platform that is difficult to overlook.

These SMS websites let you send text messages for free without a phone number. You can send multiple messages at once using some of these sites mentioned on the list. Every website has its own attributes. You can go for the one that matches your preference.

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